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Experience the modern HR solution that helps you to manage the key assets on your business - people. Starting from on-boarding an employee to defining relationships, leave rules, assigning leave types to calculating eligibility the app automates the complete leave management process as you need.


 See it all in one place. Designed for you. Simple and Easy.


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One platform to manage all your employees, leaves and payroll. Works for all countries globally

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding employees should not be a complex process of spread sheets.Your company isn’t a pile of papers in a cabinet. It’s a dynamic mix of people, projects, and business. Get your employee files, addresses, emergency contacts, bank info, and all other data into a single, secure location.

Leave Management 

Tell us how your company handles time off, vacation, and sick days. RubikHR app allows you to define simple leave rules to complex MOM rules to calculate employee eligibility, availability along with a beautiful calendar showing all the time off across by each employee and across the company.

Employee Selfservice

Employee Self-Service portal helps to improve communication between managers and employees saving you countless hours with such tasks as reviewing time-off requests, expenses reports and much more. It also provides the ability to deliver custom content, view org charts, employee profile and more!

Stimulate productivity while enhancing collaboration

Leave Setup

Streamline your complete leave setup as per Singapore MOM policies or customize as you need. The app allows you to define custom leave types and rules to meet your company’s human resource management needs. Starting from basic leaves to complex maternity, child care leaves the app automates the complete leave setup process.

Leave Enablement

The global setup allows you to automatically add default leave types to all your employees. But you can enable different leave types for different employees in terms of entitlement, quantum of leaves and other policies. The app automates leave entitlement processes, calculating carry over, tracking accrued holidays, updating entitlement records and populating employee calendars, resulting in reduced administration burden and improved control of staff holidays.

Leave Application

Minimize HR work by empowering employees with self service options. Employees can see the company holidays, their leave balances, transactions and apply leaves at a click of button. Powered by latest tile based display, the application provides most intuitive interface to employees for managing their leaves. It eliminates busy work involved in leave administration and employee follow ups, saving time and transaction costs.


RubikHR "stands out from the crowd 

for its simplicity and ease of use"




The integrated, one stop solution for all your HR needs.


The quickest way to access your leave data 

The application provides intuitive data visualization that helps your employees to see complete overview of all leaves offered by your company. It helps employees to quickly look at leaves entitled, taken, accrued and remaining all in one place without any complexity. With one central calendar, HR department can easily keep track of holiday, sickness, training and other leaves by seeing who is off work. The calendar view allows you to monitor all your employee absences in one place so that requests are easy to manage and coverage issues can quickly be identified.

Customize as you need

Provides a complete flexible platform that meets your needs by customizing leave types, pages, fields, approval process, work patterns, forms, leave reports and much more. Powerful absence reporting provides a bird’s eye view over staff absence, allowing managers and HR to monitor employee absence trends and track staff absenteeism more efficiently with zero office disruption, resulting in significant improvements to staff absence management process efficiency.


From basic leave types to complex leaves

such as Maternity, Childcare, Adoption, NationalService

leaves RubikHR app makes it simple to setup and run.

Leave Approvals 

The app provides a fully customizable workflow for employee leave applications. The customizable workflow  is flexible enough for any non-standard leave request scenario, so it can be used exactly the way you need. The approvals are completed successfully only when all the conditions in the process are met, meaning the leave is approved by a supervisor or supervisors.

Alerts & Reminders

With our powerful automated email reminders you never need to worry about pending leave applications or approvals etc. The app sends remainder alerts and emails to respective users and employees based on the action required. All users receive relevant information on their intuitive dashboard. And, best of all, if it needs to get done but you can’t get to it then system allows to get approved by other eligible supervisors!

Built On Worlds #1 Cloud ERP Platform

Say goodbye to complicated HR and Payroll apps and manual operations. Built on world's leading cloud platform used by 40000+ companies, RubikHR is the simplest and most efficient app to manage your employees, payroll data,  leaves, performance management, recruitment etc. Spend less time on endless mind-numbing paperwork that you hate to calculate leaves entitled by age, experience, citizenship, service, male, female etc etc. The app makes it possible by automating the complete process as per leave rules and your customized policies - specific to your company & country.
All information about employee leaves and time off is tracked in a beautiful absence calendar, which shows information about employees on or planning to be on leave. The system allows you to view the absence chart for the entire company, your department or your team. At a single glance, you can see who is on the road, on vacation, etc. in single day, week, or month views.

HR Recruitment 

RubikHR App provides an easy way to manage complex recruitment drives. It lets you quickly cut through the less-suitable applicants, and categorise the ones you’re interested in hiring. You can customise all categories for complete control over how you manage your recruitment pipeline, and as with all other features, it is included in the price.ors.


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Leave Approvals 

The app provides a fully customizable workflow for employee leave applications. The customizable workflow  is flexible enough for any non-standard leave request scenario, so it can be used exactly the way you need. The approvals are completed successfully only when all the conditions in the process are met, meaning the leave is approved by a supervisor or supervisors.

At CuriousRubik, we put people at the center of our designs so that you can focus on growing your business. Making our products as intuitive, full-featured and accessible as possible is our top priority all the time.

Why Choose RubikHR App - Built On NetSuite ?

Save Time 

From automatic alerts to time-saving workflows, RubikHR App takes the pain out of HR management, and helps everyone to work smarter

Configure & Customize 

No two business runs the same way. Hence RubikHR provides powerful configuration & customization capabilities to map exactly your HR needs

Modern & Sleek 

Today users need modern and sleek look and feel. The app provides wizard driven and rick graphical interface to visualize your HR data

Secure & Safe

Scale up, spin off, adopt new business models, role based access etc RubikHR App flexibility lets you do it all, quickly and secure. Meanwhile, version-lock is a thing of the past.

Unified & Integrated

Being built on NetSuite, the app provides unified data view for accounting, time & attendance, payroll and all other employee related data in single console

Business Intelligence

Users know what they should be doing and how they're helping the business, with easily accessible reports and key performance indicators. Vital HR data is analyzed and displayed from right within the app.

Your time is valuable. Thanks for taking time to explore our app.

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